photo: Floor Reitsma
Robin van Leijsen is a fine artist based in Breda and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

As an multidisciplinary maker, Robin creates magical realistic and playful works. In these works, they touch upon themes as nostalgia, family, identity, and behavioral patterns. Robin started as a painter, mostly painting self-portraits as a way of introspection. In the past few years Robin started experimenting with more materials, and discovered their love for woodworking, ceramics, collaging, and video-making.
Humour plays a big part in Robin’s works, this they achieve through colour use, distortion, and playing with size differences. This way the sensitive subjects, which root in things Robin experiences in times of change, have a protective, approachable layer. Besides this, their love for making, craftwork, shows in the (final) artwork.

Robin van Leijsen (2001)
Telephone: +31 6 31229333
fine artist
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