photo: Ashton Hugh
I am a maker. Building works with only the material and my hands only is the thing I found peace and balance in.

Drawing and painting are things I never questioned, it has always been inside of me. It started with drawing, later painting, and now at Willem de Kooning Academy, I’m expanding my practice with materials such as fabric, ceramic, and mediums, such as installations and video works.

When I work, I’m able to escape reality for a bit and dream off to a place chosen by my mind. This form of escapism gives me autonomy and a drive to continue making. The self-created illusion is a theme I touch upon in many of my works.

Something I would like to achieve with my work is to pass the joy I experience working, on to you, the viewer, and let them step into my world for a minute. I hope that this joy, together with my attention to detail and a little bit of added absurdism makes you see the world around you through a bit of a new and fresh perspective.

Robin van Leijsen (2001)
Telephone: +31 6 31229333
fine artist
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